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MESSAGE from Father President

Rev. Fr. J. Felix Raj, SJ, President
The Jericho Training Centre is a non-profit, service organization. It aims to transform lives, especially the lives of differently-abled young students. I always consider it a blessing to serve these children by educating them, by making them blossom as beautifully human and fully alive and by seeing the divine dance on their smiling faces.

I became the president of the Jericho Centre in 2012. In spite of my various other commitments in the City of Joy, the City of Blessed Mother Teresa and St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, I make it my priority to be available to the Centre and its inmates.

Fr. A.J. Anbarasan, my maternal uncle, who himself has lost his eyesight has dedicated his entire life for this Centre. It is my pleasant duty to assist him and carry forward the dream of my other uncle, Rev. Fr. A. Antony, the Founder President.

Fr. Felix Raj with Mother Teresa

I invite people of good will and people with generous hearts to come forward and support our service to these children.

The world stands in need....
"The world stands in need of liberation
It still has to learn to love
The dumb and the deaf
The blind and the lame
All need to feel our healing touch.
There are those who have eyes but refuse to see,
There are those who have ears but refuse to hear,
There are those who have mouths but refuse to speak,
There are those who have hands
But refuse to reach out in love.
There are those who have talent but refuse to use them,
We all know that we have the heart to love
But keep it buried in ourselves."

Come my dear sisters and brothers, let us liberate ourselves, become bridges and reach out to these children with a healing touch in love and service and make them participate in the peace and joy of our world.

Father J. Felix Raj, SJ